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Moody Musicians (PA)

6/2019 and 10/2019

While brainstorming for this program, Casey and I agreed the main focus should be on how music translates into emotions. What makes a piece of music sound happy, sad, angry, scary, or peaceful? Through careful deliberation with these specific moods in mind we set out to find music that could fit these categories. However, music can be interpreted differently, therefore throughout the concert we encourage the audience to thoughtfully listen and form their own opinion! Interactive elements included audience members coloring while actively listening and having volunteers play auxiliary percussion instruments in the story-telling portion of the show.

Read the full script below!

Moody Musicians Script
Download PDF • 142KB

We were able to perform this program twice!


Our first performance was once at Pittsburgh's Children's Museum; MuseumLab. Our set up included a thunder and wind tube (a huge hit for kids)! Check out the marketing materials below for the Children's Museum. The MuseumLab is a very cool space to perform in!


The second performance was a demo of our program and interactive style for educators. It took place at The Carnegie Museum of Art lecture theatre as a part of Arts Ed Collaborative: In Service Day for 40+ music and art k-12 educators.


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