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I teach private lessons in Hamden, CT and online!

Oboe Lessons

For oboists of any age and ability! We will work together towards mastering technique, fostering creativity/musicality, and exercising critical thinking skills through problem solving. My goal is for you to become your own best teacher!

Reed Making

For committed oboist usually high school age or above. This is a long process, but gives you the tools you need to adjust your reeds and eventually create your own unique oboe sound!


For high school ages and above. Adjustment skills are a great step towards independence, especially in emergency situations. This will save you some trips to the repair shop!


First online oboe lesson is always free to new students!

Please read carefully, then sign and turn in at next lesson.

New Student Registration

Please complete and submit the form.
Then I will email you about availability.
18+ can put N/A under parent/guardian sections.

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