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Bloomfield JR/SR High School Guest (IN)


As a quartet, we taught a whole day's worth of music classes at Bloomfield JR/SR High School in Indiana for grades k-12. Our educational and interactive performance style allowed students to engage personally with the music and with us as musicians. I played with friends from my chamber group at Indiana University. Bloomfield's band director is also an oboe studio alum/friend of mine from IU!

Megan Pan, flute

Aissa Mease, clarinet

Annie Chapman, french horn

The kindergarten class guessed which Peter and the Wolf theme belonged to each instrument/animal.

We gave the high school band and music appreciation class historical context of the pieces we played and explained the roles of each woodwind instrument in the quartet.

Lastly, my favorite activity, we had the first graders dance to a waltz. They had to freeze if we stopped playing. This game was a big hit!


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